Westmoreland Volunteer Corps Members from 1985 to 2008


Prof. Wendy Urban, (husband Russell Mead and 2 children) worked at Luther Place Bethesda Day Shelter, She teaches history at Bard College in NY. Nan Cormier (husband Christopher Connelly and 3 children) served at the Center of Concern. She is Vice Chancellor for University Advancement at U. Mass. in Boston, focusing on marketing and communications "to tell the tale of our tremendous mission of educational access. Nearly 60% of our undergraduates are the first in their families to go to college." Rev. Ann Lutterman-Aguilar (husband German Aguilar) was at the Office for Church and Society of the UCC. She is Director and professor at the Global Education Center in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Rev. Janet Maclean, worked at Samaritan Ministry. She is a Chaplain Educator and Pediatric Chaplain for Advocate Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL and is also a candidate training to run Clinical Pastoral Education for seminaries and chaplains in-training. She and her son Samora, age 13, live in Forest Park, IL. She also does work for Amnesty International, facilitating international meetings, and sings in a community chorus. Rev. Janice Morikawa Ogoshi (husband Rick and son) was at Bread for the City. She is a UCC minister in the Hawaii Kai church in Honolulu.


Amy Hausknect Reed worked at the Arms Control Agency . She served as a WVC Board member before moving to Gresham, Oregon, where she is a Director of Human Resources. Diana Schryver, was at FLOC Foster Home Program. She is a social worker. Mike Moe (wife Diana and 3 children) worked at Bread for the World. He died in a whale boat accident in 1995 . There is an article about him in the October, 2006 "Outside" Journal. Karen Lee (husband Jim Brown and 3 sons) was at the St. John's Development Center. She is Director of SEEC, supporting people with developmental disabilities in Silver Spring, MD. She has been at SEEC for 19 years, They had a large 20th anniversary celebration, and honored Congressman VanHollen for his work with them. David Leitzke worked at Anchor Mental Health Assoc. He now works for the Minneapolis Blood Bank.


Rev. Mark Abernethy (wife Christine and 3 children, ages 14, 11, and 8)) worked at Samaritan Ministry. He is celebrating his 10th year as Senior minister of Wapping Community Church (UCC) in South Windsor, CT and is Moderator for the Conn. Conference. Nancy Light (husband Chris Fichte!) was at OCIS. She works for the Nature Conservancy in Rockland, ME. Prof. Martha Mensendiek was at the Calvary Women's Shelter. She is a Professor of Social Work at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. Rebecca Morton Veccione and husband John and 2 children live in Falls Church, VA and she is presently a stay-at-home mom. Rev. Tina Squire, was at IONA house working with the elderly. She is now Acting UCC minister at Tombstone, Arizona. She and husband David Paige and 2 children live in Sierra Vista, Arizona.


Ann Dinwiddie (husband John Penn) worked at Sasha Bruce Youthworks. She died of a brain tumor in 1991. Thom Blonski (wife Caroline) was at IONA House services for the elderly. We have not located him. Alicia Hooker (Analisa Madron) was at Calvary Women's Shelter. Denise Rozell worked at OCIS. She is an attorney for Easter Sea ls in Washington, DC. Rev.Tim Lewis Winslea was at St. John's Development Center. He and his wife Elizabeth and their son live in Portland, OR where he is a pastor.


Melissa Conrad (husband Wyatt Harris) served at Sasha Bruce Youthworks. We have not located her. Leslee Eddy was at Calvary Women's Shelter. We have not located her. Rev. Kristin Fishbaugh (husband M. Looney) worked at InterfaithImpact. She serves at an Episcopal church in Buffalo, NY. Rev. Melanie Green was at Caracen. She and her husband, Anil Oomen, (WVC, 1990-91) and their three children live in Eugene, OR where she is associate pastor at the First Congregational UCC. Anne Jowaisas was at St. John's Development Center. The last we heard from her she was doing child care in Richmond, VA.

1990- 1991

Jim Mook Bridgman, served at Interfaith Impact He and his wife, Carrie Mook and son live in Springfield, VA and he works at the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, Peace Act ion. Susie Bruce worked at IONA House. We have not located her. Anil Oomen worked at Community Family Life Services. He (wife Melanie Green and 2 children) teaches in a charter elementary school in Eugene, OR. Rev. Heather Devoe Miner (husband David and daughter Rachel) worked at Montgomery County Community Ministry Friends in Action program. She is the Associate UCC pastor at the Community Church, Congregational in Corona Del Mar, CA. Craig Sottolano worked at Bethany Day Shelter. We have not located him.


Carin Bringelson worked at Sasha Bruce. She and her partner have 1daughter. She is working for Teaching Books.net in Madison, WI. Amy Kehret was at Interfaith Conference. She and her husband Stephen Cassiday live in California. We have not heard from her. Cindy Quanbeck Goke worked at St. John's Development Center. She and her husband Brian Goke (also WVC 1991-92), who worked at Samaritan Ministry) were missionaries in Thailand, and then were working in Minnesota. We have not heard from them. Cheryl Pace Mackian worked at Foundry Housing. She and her husband and daughter were living in Willis, VA. We have not heard from her.


Meg Bryant Knarr worked at Community Life Services. She and her husband and 3 children live in Parkton MD. Jennifer Carroll Endo was at Samaritan Ministry. She and her husband Eric and 2 sons live in Arlington, VA, where she is Director of Arlington Housing Corp. Anne Holliister Mennengs served at Bread for the City, Zacchaeus. She and husband James live in Chicago, where she is a psychiatric social worker at the South Central Community Agency. Heather Torrence Mattson served at St. John's Community Services. She and husband Chris and son Maxwell are in Billings Montana. Heather is a Grants administrator at the MSU Billings. She is also a freelance writer. Dr. Elizabeth Weaver was at Columbia Road Health Services. She and husband Chuck Anderson and daughter Claire live in Falls Church, Virginia where she is a family practice physician in Fairfax.


Melinda Bogardus, worked at Columbia Road Health Services She works as a nurse practitioner in a public health department in the tow n of Lenoir, where she gets to use her Spanish skills frequently. She lives in Blowing Rock, NC, near Appalachian State U, where her partner Tim is an Assist. Professor of Nutrition. Dr. Stephen Lee served at AIDS National Interfaith Network. He is a doctor and public health official in San Diego, where he lives with his wife Ivey and daughter. Scott Phillips worked at the D.C. Service Corps. He and his wife Marcie are members of Westmoreland UCC, and he has served on the WVC Board. He is now with USAEP Operations. Kim Thornburg was at Sasha Bruce. She and husband Fauci Raja and two children live in Falls Church, VA. She has been the development director for D.C. Heads Up program. Elena Wiens Paine served at Samaritan Ministry. She and husband Reggie and daughter live in Miami, FL.


Mathew Cyr, who worked at Interfaith Impact for Justice, and the AIDS Interfaith Network, lives in Southborough, MA. He now works at his family's business near Boston. Kristin Dunn Thomason was at Montgomery County Community Ministry. She lives in Falls Church, VA. Dr. Lisa Mills Dwelle served at Pregnancy Aid Center. She and her husband Dr. Todd Dwelle and their two sons live in Pebble Beach, CA, where she is a family practice physician. Ali Neal worked at Samaritan Ministry. She lives in Arlington, VA. Liza Schwartz was at Community Family Life Services. We have not located her.


Kristin Arbutiski served at Zacchaeus Free Medical Clinic. She is a social worker. Brian Bilko worked at Bread for the City. We have not located him. Shaan Hamilton was at Sasha Bruce. He and his wife Laura Waxman and child live in St. Paul, MN, and he is working on a new light rail transit in the Twin Cities. Laura Harms Rozales was at Calvary Women's Services. She and husband Erik and children, Marcela, 4, and Jason, have moved to Indianapolis, where she is Associate Director of the Indianapolis Peace Institute, a non-profit operating an off-campus study program in peace building. They continue connections with Honduras by visiting and supporting a domestic violence shelter there. Jennifer Carroll Endo works at the Arlington Housing Corp in Virginia.


Tony Banout was at Samaritan Ministry. He has worked in Central America, and on related issues. He and his wife Julie Kult recently moved to Chicago. Alicia O'Donnell, who worked for the Virginia Council of Churches Refugee Resettlement Program, is Manager of External Relations for the International Republican Institute.  Ann Rader Hayes was at Columbia Road Health Services. She and her husband Edgar and 2 children live in NY. She works for Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice in the Bronx, and has started a Freedom Farm for young people. Alicia Wilson, served at Bread for the City. She is Director of La Clinica Pueblo.


Kristi Medley worked at Samaritan Ministry. She is a teacher at the Christian Family Montessori School in Mt. Ranier, MD. Dr. Amanda Hornbuckle Humiston was at Zacchaeus Free Medical Clinic. She and husband Kevin and baby girl live in Kansas City, MO. She is in private ob/gyn practice. Rev. Lori Smallwood McKinley served at SOME Housing. She and husband Bryan and daughter are in Ohio, where she is a UCC minister. Sean Yu worked at Columbia Road Health Services. He is Program Coordinator for Tobacco Control Initiatives in the MD Health and Hygiene Department in Baltimore.


Karen Clontz Cunningham (husband John) served at Bread for the City. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is taking time off to be with 14-month-old Sean in Alexandria. Kim Den worked at Caracen. She is an attorney. Rachel Hackenberg Jolango, who was at Sasha Bruce, entered Princeton Seminary in 2004. Rev. Sara Olson Dean served at Capitol Hill Group Ministry. She and her husband Alex and two children live in Phoenix, AZ, where she is taking time off from the Methodist ministry to be a mother. Dr. Daisy Wynn was at Pregnancy Aid Center. She and her husband Sean Barney (who was injured in Iraq in the summer of 2006) live in Philadelphia, where she is has finished her residency in family practice medicine, specializing in geriatrics, and was voted the best resident. She has a one-year fellowship. Her husband Sean is getting a degree in law and public administration.


Samantha Ruckert served at SOM E's Jeremiah House. She was in Florence, MA. Deanna Eberle Allen (husband Kenneth) who worked at Bread for the City, is a social worker in Oakland, California working as an MSW in a Buckelew Programs doing groups/case management/independent living skills with adults in supportive housing. Betsy Jordan Bell was at Zacchae us Free Medical Clinic. She and her husband were stationed in Japan. Dena Springer (husband David Novick), worked at Pregnancy Aid Center. She is a pediatrician in Manhattan. She was married Sept. 2, 2007. Elizabeth Sceinfeldt Davenny served at Sasha Bruce. She was married in January and is now an attorney in Boston.


Pam Homiak was at Pregnancy Aid Center. She has a Masters in Public Health from the U of MD, and graduated from Johns Hopkins in their BSN program at Johns Hopkins. She is now an RN on the Labor and Delivery unit at Georgetown Hospital. and lives in Takoma Park. She has the opportunity to use her Medical Spanish as well. Karen Straub Cowie, who worked at Bread for the City, has a little boy, and is a clinical manager at Collaborative Health Partners in Powell, OH. Lauren Baker Askew, (husband Chuck) served at Sasha Bruce, She is taking time to be at home with son Charlie, 3, and 17-month-old Norah while her husband serves and she is also involved) as Campus Minister in Myrtle Beach, SC, Nelson Bransil was at Zaccaeus Free Medical Clinic, He was recently married, and is now in his third year of Pediatric Residency in Loma Linda, CA.


Dr. Karla Fredrick was at Bread for the City. She studied at Washington Medical School in St. Louis. Dr. Megan Husingh worked at Pregnancy Aid Center and attended Illinois Medical School. Elizabeth Hartnett, who worked for AIM, Action in Montgomery, is a social worker. Beth Stefanchik served at the Montgomery County Mobile Medical Center and studied homeopathic medicine in NY. Alberto Valladares, who served at Bethesda Cares, is a consultant for Bearing Point in Arlington, VA.


Hannah Giffin Brown worked at Bread for the City. She was ordained in Nov. 2007, and is associate pastor at the Mayflower UCC in Minneapolis as a part of the Lilly Pastoral Residency Program. She was married in August. Rebecca Harviston, who served at Bethesda Cares, works at the Oregon Food Bank in Portland. Abby Lenhart served at Bread for the City Free Clinic. She is an intern in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins. Erin McKay was at Montgomery Mobil Medical Center. She is studying osteopathic medicine in LongIsland. Beth Rogers-Witte, who served at AI M, Action in Montgomery, is completing her work for Masters degree in International Development and Public Health at George Washington University and is working in international development NGS's in the area.


Jill Rauh served at Caracen and Center for Concern. She is in graduate school inInternational Affairs at George Washington University. She was working in an Education for Justice Project for the Center for Concern. Andrea Reischel, who worked at Emmaus Service for the Aging, is a social worker in Janesville, WI. Carolyn Emigh was at Samaritan Ministry. She is presently in Sofia, Bulgaria, on a Fulbright Fellowship, teaching English and learning Bulgarian. She is writing about her adventures on her blog: http://karo linkabulgaria.wordpress.com. She is pleased that her sister Charlotte is a volunteer in our WVC this year. Chris Winterbottom worked at Pregnancy Aid Center. Kim Jones was at Sasha Bruce. She works at the Church of our Savior Good Shepherd Ministry After School Program in Washington.


Molly Sundheimer was at Pregnancy Aid Center. She is at Indiana University School of Medicine, interested in women's health thanks to her experiences at Pregnancy Aid Center. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband Ross, whom she married in July,2006. Anne Brouwer was at the Montgomery Mobile Medical Center. She received her BSN degree from Georgetown U. in Dec. 2007 and will work as an RN in the Emergency Dept. of the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, VA. Reese Abbene served at the DC Rape Crisis Center. She graduated with a Masters in Education from Loyola Marymount University, where she lived in a convent in South Central Los Angeles. She is now teaching American Literature and English at a Catholic girls' Immaculate Heart High School in Hollywood. She is also pursuing a doctorate of educational leadership for social justice. She lives in Culver City, CA. Logan Fitzpatrick was at Bread for the City. She finished a Masters in Environment and Natural Resources/International Studies at the University of Wyoming, and returned to China, living at present in Kumming, but planning to return to Xinjiang, where she studied the adaptation of the Muslim Turkic minority youth to living in the Chinese state. Samantha Gallos worked with teen mothers at Sasha Bruce. She is now with the Americorps-Vista program at Dickinson College serving as a liaison between the Office of the Provost and their Student Life Office, coordinating service-learning courses for the professors. She advises a group of 8 first-year students in a non-credit seminar entitled "Leadership for Social Justice", and accompanied them on a service project at a school in Jamaica in January.


Marissa Gunn served at Bread for the City. She is a law student at Howard University. Lauren Hare was at DC Rape Crisis Center. She is still working for The Patrons Program, fundraising for Catholic inner-city elementary schools in the Bronx. She is looking forward to getting her MBA in non-profit management in a few years. She and Katelyn recently had a reunion in New Haven. Katelyn Macrae worked for Bethany Women's Center in N Street Village. She is attending Yale Divinity School. Laura Sauder was at Bethesda Cares, and is now in her last year studying for a Masters in Divinity in Toronto. She is co-chairing the local planning committee for the Canadian Theological Students' Conference, an ecumenical conference exploring the issues of Mission and Power in the Canadian context to be held in Toronto in February. Valentine Woods Breitbarth was at Bread for the City and continues there as the Volunteer and Resource Officer in the Development Department, and hopes to complete her Master of Public Health degree in Global Health at the George Washington University. She was married October 13, 2007, and she and her husband recently purchased their first home.


Julia Clark served at Samaritan Ministry. She is now a case worker for them. Rachel Cloud was at DC Rape Crisis Center. She was working in Columbia on a Christian Peacemaker Team and has returned home. She is now working at a Washington, DC. non-profit organization helping women survivors of domestic violence find safe housing. Johanna Heilman served at SOME (So Others Might Eat She is now working at the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (the Alliance) in Washington, as a Health Promotion Advisor and for Su Familia, a national family health helpline, as well as the National Hispanic Prenatal Helpline. They provide free and confidential health information in Spanish and English, and refer callers to low-cost health clinics in their communities. She also trainied for her third consecutive Marine Corps Marathon in October, 2008. Joni Podshun was at SOME. She has stayed on there as an Advocacy Associate. Claire Kelleher-Smith worked at Bread for the City. She now works at the Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation in Tucson, where she is the coordinator for the team that assesses Arizona Child Protective Services and is presently on their Urgent Response Team. She also plays in the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra.


Samantha Brewer served at N St. Village. She is now married (McKay) and living in Washington, DC serving as a Student Teacher at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School. Alanna Coperhaver worked Samaritan Ministry and is attending Yale Divinity School. John Forrest Douglas worked at Bethesda Cares. He completed Wesley Divinity School and is now working at Westmoreland UCC as the Education Director. Alexis Herman worked at DC Rape Crisis Center but her current status is unknown. Arcadia Keefer worked at Bread for the City and is now married (Smith) and living in Friendship, Maryland.