What to Expect

Congregation Updates

The Capital Campaign Committee, the Governance Council, and the Building 2020 Committee will update the congregation on the overall timeline of construction -- work flow schedule, cost estimates, cash contingencies and more. Those groups will update the congregation on the capital campaign -- plans, timeline, aligning receipt of funds with work schedule needs and more. Changes in this work will be posted to the website. Also, as pledges are made, the Capital Campaign Committee will announce that via TV monitors, bulletin boards, and announcements.

Early Pledges and Collection

If you are anxious to get on with pledging, grab a Capital Campaign Pledge card (they are green!) or use the online form. The Capital Campaign Committee will accept and record your pledge as soon as it shows up! But, before you decide how much you are going to pledge and when you intend to contribute, check out the Financial Considerations section, which may affect how you think about how much you can afford to give.

Plan and Prepare Marketing Events

The Capital Campaign Committee is planning a kickoff celebration for September 18. The Committee will host other events to take place during Pledge Consolidation Phase. Stay tuned for updates that will be posted here and on the social hall TV monitor and in the bulletin!

Pledge Consolidation

On Sunday, November 13 we will consolidate and report pledges made to date. That information will guide the congregation’s decision on next steps.

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