Cost and Schedule

Q.  Cost: How much will it cost?

A.  Total cost of the project will be roughly $2M. This estimate will be updated and refined as the project progresses. The cost estimates are distributed as shown here.

Q.  Schedule: When will the money be needed?

A.  The Capital Campaign runs from 2016 thru 2019. Most of the money will be needed during construction. As of July 2016 our plan is that construction will begin in the spring of 2017 and will take about 6 months to complete. Give that, we will need most of the money during May thru October 2017.  If you can “front load” your contributions so that the money given is available in May-October 2017, that would reduce our need for a bridge loan. To cover any shortfall during construction, we will take out a construction loan and pay it off with the Capital Campaign contributions that come in after the construction period.

Q.  Where and how do I pledge?

A.  The Capital Campaign Committee and the Stewardship Committee are coordinating our 2017 Annual Fund Pledges (supporting our annual church operations) and our Capital Campaign Pledges (supporting our Building 2020 construction). We hope this helps the congregation; we don’t want to overwhelm you with pledge and contribution requests. There are separate pledge forms, both online and hard copy: 1) for Annual Fund Pledges (yellow pledge card that says Annual Fund), and 2) for Capital Campaign Pledges (green pledge card that says Capital Campaign). When you are ready to make your pledge, fill out the applicable form(s). Pass it along to the church office if you are using the hard copy form.)  If you want to adjust your pledge in the future, just fill out the form again.  We’ll record the latest one.

Q.  How do I contribute -- Annual Fund Contributions and Capital Campaign Contributions?

A.  All the usual ways apply to both:

·         Write a check to WCUCC with the purpose of your gift on the memo line -- Annual Fund or Capital Campaign.

·         Give online through VANCO    >>More Information

·         Transfer stock directly to WCUCC Fidelity Account.  Notify the treasurer of gift and its purpose. >>More Information

·         Transfer directly to WCUCC Fidelity Account from your IRA. (Same instructions as stock transfer.)


Before you decide how much you are going to pledge and when you intend to contribute, check out the Financial Considerations section, particularly the “Summary of Tax Deductible Options," provided by John Edie, which may affect how you think about how much you can afford to give, and what advantages may be available to you.

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