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Rev. Timothy Tutt,
Senior Minister

"Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most." Those are the words that rattle around in the head of Tim Tutt a lot these days.  

"I worry about the world," he says. "I worry about war and partisan politics and hungry people and how we communicate. That's why I value the church. It gives me a place to share my concerns with others, to tap into the joy of a life lived for others, and to find support and compassion. I hope we are doing that at Westmoreland - through our big acts of social justice and through our daily acts of living in community."   

Tim is a native of Longview, Texas, and a graduate of Baylor University and Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. Prior to entering seminary, he worked on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Assistant. After seminary, he served as Protestant Chaplain at Georgetown University for a school year. From June of 2001 until July of 2012, Tim served as Senior Pastor of United Christian Church in Austin, Texas. Tim is active in Action in Montgomery and the College of Pastoral Leaders at Austin Presbyterian Seminary. He serves on the Board of Reach Beyond Mission and on various denomination committees. He is an occasional writer at OnFaith. He is married to Amy Prichard Tutt, also a former Hill staffer, who is now a college English teacher. They have two children in high school - Ben, a senior, and Mary-Austin, a freshman.

To contact Tim, email him at tim@westmorelanducc.org.