Summer on the Circle

Summer on the Circle lets us experience church in new ways. Each Sunday will feature a more informal, abbreviated worship service, followed by classes for all ages during June and July.  

Summer on the Circle helps us explore Westmoreland’s commitments to community, learning and service.  And you are invited. 

Summer on the Circle: June 24, 2018 - August 26, 2018

Summer on the Circle Worship
10:00 - 10:40 AM
War & PEace & us

From June 24 through July 29, Rev. Tutt will preach sermons about war and peace that were preached at Westmoreland by other ministers during past decades. This is part of his doctoral project. He is exploring how (and if) sermons encourage Christian peacemaking.  Each week, you will be invited to hear a sermon from Westmoreland’s past and to offer  feedback (via surveys and group discussion) about how the sermon influences you in the present. The sermons and their original preachers are listed below. Your participation and ideas are most welcome.

June 24 “War and Peace and Us” ▪ Isaiah 2:4 & Revelation 21:4
Setting the Stage for the Sermon Series

July 1 “Will Christians Fight in the Next War?” ▪ Isaiah 9:2-7
Originally preached November 9, 1930 by Rev. Moses R. Lovell

July 15  “The Right to Peace” ▪ Luke 19:42
Originally preached May 31, 1953 by Rev. Phillip Gordon Scott

July 22 “Dare We Bell the Cat?” ▪ Ephesians 2:13-14 & I Kings 22:1-38
Originally preached  May 15, 1966 by Rev. W. Allen Gilburg

August 5 “Does God Love the President?” ▪ Romans 5:8 & Ephesians 2:13-14
Originally preached as “God Loves Nixon” on July 7, 1974 by Rev. Dr. C. C. Goen

August 12 “Winners and Losers” ▪ Galatians 5: 19-22
Originally preached May 31, 1981 by Rev. Dr. Loring Chase

August 19  “Jerusalem, Jerusalem” ▪ John 4:19-24
Originally preached by February 25, 1996 by Rev. Gordon Forbes

August 26 “Does Anybody Care?” ▪ Isaiah 2:4 & Revelation 21:4
Reflections on Living Faithfully in a Complicated World


Summer on the Circle Classes
10:45 - 11:30 AM

Nursery Care is provided during Summer on the Circle classes.

Children’s Class
We will learn from “The Jesus Story,” which focuses on Jesus as a boy. Discussions will emphasize the ways in which his boyhood experiences were, in some ways, similar to ours.

Refining Westmoreland’s Vision - Widening the Circle of Love
The Governance Council invites you to participate in a visioning exercise this summer to reflect on who we, the Westmoreland Community, currently are and who we are called to be in the world. We will focus on worship, fellowship, spiritual formation, outreach, service, and environmental stewardship. Snacks provided!

A Potpouri of Flowers
Patricia Frye and other Flower Committee members will lead a class on the history of flowers as art, flower-arranging, and the beauty we see in nature.

War and Peace and Us
Tim Tutt will lead a sermon feedback forum, discussing how the issues of war and peace are addressed in preaching.


Fellowship Hour
11:30 AM

Join us for coffee and light refreshments every Sunday after worship and classes!