Members and friends of Westmoreland gather together to celebrate our faith community at the Welcome Back Picnic

Members and friends of Westmoreland gather together to celebrate our faith community at the Welcome Back Picnic

Invitation to Give

A Letter from Trey Holloway, Moderator:

Dear Members and Friends of Westmoreland,

Children’s time during the service. Prayers of the people. The church retreat. These are just three of the many things that Westmorelanders listed when they talked about what was special to them about our church. For many of you, social justice is one reason you are a part of this church. Our facilities serve as a venue for AA meetings, a place to make sandwiches and meals for the homeless, and so much more.

Without a place to gather, share ideas, and raise money through special events, without staff to support programs and keep the church building clean and safe, we cannot be the community we want to be. 

Over the summer, the Governance Council led a series of Summer on the Circle sessions that asked Westmorelanders what they enjoy and is most meaningful to them about our church, what we might strive to do better, and what we envision for the future. As a Governance Council, we plan to take the ideas generated and challenge each of you, members of Westmoreland, to think about what Stewardship means to you. During our fall campaign, you will hear what Stewardship means to some of your fellow Westmorelanders. You will also hear about the church’s finances and plans for engaging our entire congregation in living out our church values together. You’ll receive this information from your friends at Westmoreland, in your bulletin, and in our twice weekly emails.

All of these things take real financial commitments from all of us as we pursue our dreams for the world. The Governance Council asks that you consider this letter and decide how you can contribute to the life of Westmoreland. The church relies on your financial support and time commitments. Your contributions underpin the work of our church, making possible our dedicated staff and many activities. Pledges are estimates of what you anticipate that you will be able to financially contribute to Westmoreland in the next year. We hope that you will make a pledge because this information helps us plan and anticipate the church’s income for the next year.

Our goal as a Governance Council is to maintain the church on a strong financial footing and strive to be Christ in the world today. Some of you may receive a call from a member of the Governance Council to chat with you about Stewardship and our church’s service in the community. You may see new formats for our worship services and post-service activities among other changes. We ask you to open your hearts to the new and be ready to experience it.

Please think about the contribution that you will make to Westmoreland for 2019. We hope you will find it possible to give generously so that we can continue to be a bright light on the Circle.

In gratitude,

Trey Holloway, Moderator