Cemetery of the Prodigals

Rev. Timothy B. Tutt
Sunday, May 25, 2014
The 6th Sunday of Easter

“Cemetery of the Prodigals”
Luke 15: 11:32


I. Who are we?

 Who are we? That is a very big question. Perhaps an unanswerable question.

 Who are we? That question deserves some modifiers:

 Who are we as Westmorelanders?

Who are we as Christians, as people who seek to follow the ways of Jesus in the world? Who are we as citizens of the world, as sisters and brothers?

Who we are may best be explored by asking other questions:

What is important to us?

How do we treat each other?

What do we do with our time and our money and our energy?

For the month of May we have been reading parables from the fifteenth chapter of Luke, parables about being lost and found. These parables were the plot of our children’s musical that was presented on Mother’s Day:

 The parable of the lost sheep,

The parable of the lost coin,

And the scripture for today, the prodigal son,

which could be called the parable of the lost child.

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