Music in Worship

Music in worship is an integral part of Westmoreland Church.   We have a long and grand history of high-quality music-making. Learning and singing hymns is an important part of the shared worship experience for the entire congregation.

Each Sunday the musical portions of the worship service enhance the scripture focus for the  day.  The Chancel Choir presents music that enhances the theme of the service.  The Children’s Choir delights the congregation with their singing.  Our two hand-bell groups, the Fellowship of the Ringers and the JuBellation Ringers, add an extra tones of festivity.  In addition, special musical presentations are a frequent part of worship at Westmoreland, celebrating gifts from a variety of genres, including classical, jazz (led by Washington’s rising star Leina Seikaly), and folk (with The Little Falls Band).

Westmoreland is also fortunate to host internationally acclaimed performers on a frequent basis. 

The church is home to a historic Aeolian-Skinner three-manual organ and a nine-foot Blüthner concert grand piano.

The Music Team

The Music Team consists is a  group of church members who work with the Music Director and the Director of Children's & Youth to support the overall music life of the church.  The Director of Music coordinates this group.