Baptims means different things to different people. To some, baptism is an of commitment on the part of parents who are promising to raise their children in the love of God. To some, baptism is an entry into the community of faith. To some, baptism is an awareness of God's grace. At Westmoreland, baptism is typically performed in the context of congregational worship. The United Church of Christ welcomes and encourages baptism of all ages, including infants. Contact the church office for more information. Please click here to view our 'Celebration of Baptism' informational packet!


Ministers will be happy to talk with couples who wish to be married at Westmoreland. Normally several counseling sessions between the presiding minister and the couple are required. Please contact the church office for more information.


Confirmation is a conversation, a beginning point, and a celebration. At Westmoreland, confirmation is typically a year-long class for middle and/or high schoolers. The class is led by the minsters and committed church members. The cofirmands (fancy name for participants) are asked to think about what it means to be a church member and to be a Christian. At the end of the year-long conversation, the confirmands may choose to confirm their faith, which includes joining the church, or they may choose to join without confirming, which indicates they are continuing to learn and explore their faith. The confirmation process is open to any adults and teenagers who want to explore their faith. And despite what you may have heard, being confirmed does not mean "graduating" from church; it means beginning a life of thoughtful, spiritual adventure.

Memorial Services

Westmoreland Church gladly opens its doors to grieving families who wish to have services giving thanks to God for the lives of deceased loved one. For more information about funerals and memorial services at Westmoreland, contact the church office.