Giving to Westmoreland's Ministries

"Stewardship" is such a churchy sounding word. It really just means taking care of the things we have in such a way that we take care of others and ourselves. Stewardship is about treating the earth with respect, about using our time and energy for causes beyond ourselves, and about sharing our money with good causes that meets people's needs - physical needs, spiritual needs, and needs for justice and peace.  

Giving to our church is one way we practice good stewardship. How much should give to Westmoreland? An amount that makes us smile (generous giving is part one) and an amount that makes us wince (we should give enough that we notice it).

There are many ways to give to the church. To find out more, read on...


Gifts by Cash or Check

Attend worship on Sundays and put cash or checks in the offering plate, or mail your gifts to the church: 1 Westmoreland Circle, Bethesda, MD 20816.

If you want a year-end tax deductible receipt, make sure you identify your gift. You can use the envelopes on the church pews. Personalized giving envelopes are available from the church office if you want them.

If your gift is for a special purpose, make a note of that on your check or on the envelope.

Gifts by Electronic Transfer (ETF) or Credit Card

You may give one-time or recurring gifts by electronic transfer from a checking or savings account, or by credit card. To give online or to manage your online giving, go to our online giving page.

At the online giving page, you will enter some information and choose a password. You can return to the site at any time to add an extra gift or to change your pledge amount, payment schedule, payment method, etc.

To set up your first electronic gift, have your checking or savings account information available as a handy reference. For credit card gift, you will want your credit card nearby.

SPECIAL NOTE: Credit card gifts incur a 3% fee. Some Westmorelanders take comfort in adding 3% to their gifts to ensure that the church receives the full benefit of their generosity.

For assistance with online giving, contact Trey Holloway, Robbie Squibb or Doug Gaddis.

Gifts of Securities (Stocks, Bonds, etc.)

Gifts of securities can be a very efficient way to support your church. If your stocks or bonds are held by an online or traditional broker, the transfer is a simple process handled by your broker. If you hold your securities in paper form, please contact Leon Goodson for specific instructions.

For either electronic or brick-and-mortar brokerages, instruct your broker to transfer either a specific number of shares or a specific dollar value to:

Fidelity Account: X37240397
Westmoreland Cong Untd Chu Chr
DTC 0226

When giving securities, it's important to email Leon Goodson with the name and approximate number of shares or dollar value of the securities given, the date of transfer, and any special purpose you may have designated. For tax purposes, gifts of securities will be recognized in the calendar year in which they're given. Many securities holders prefer to give at the end of the calendar year, but apply their gift to Westmoreland's financial year that begins in January. Again, it is important to provide this information to Leon at the time of transfer.

SPECIAL NOTE: Gifts of securities are advisable only if the securities have appreciated in value. In that case, you can realize significant capital gains tax savings. It is not wise to give securities that have decreased in value. For guidance on this subject, we recommend you seek the advice of your broker, accountant or other qualified financial professional.