Elevator Entrance - Social Hall Level


  • Exit elevator to foyer and pass through to Social Hall
  • Exit elevator and enter door at right to new off-kitchen storage
  • New warming/catering kitchen, with direct access to storage
  • Hallway (Hall 1) from existing “kitchen entrance” to Parlor and Social Hall (isolated from kitchen – a code requirement)
  • New hallway (Hall 2) directly connecting Parlor and Social Hall
  • New Washington Conservatory office(s) between Parlor and Social Hall, exiting to both Hall 1 and Hall 2
  • New mop closet by “kitchen entrance” (moved from men’s restroom)



Music Room Reconfiguration - Social Level


Reopened music room (remove temporary wall) allowing for:

  •  Expanded choral rehearsal space
  •  Bell choir rehearsal and storage space
  •  Consolidated choir music

New non-ADA elevator in elevette location allowing access to Sanctuary level and boiler room storage, when needed (lock-out)



Massachusetts Entrance and Offices


  • New stairway entrance (covered) to new foyer
  • Elevator exit to new vestibule and sanctuary foyer
  • “Old” building entrance through existing Massachusetts Avenue doorway
  • Open office for staff in existing office space
  • New office for associate minister (from current church administrator’s office plus small expansion into current office space)



Multi-use Rooms - Sanctuary Level


1.  Three flexible-use spaces

  • Remove partitions in current associate minister/nursery entrance way
  • Current plans are for a meeting/gathering space; nursery in current library with sink (and access to new gender-neutral restroom
  • TBD

2.  New non-ADA elevator in elevette location with access to Social Hall level and boiler room storage, when needed (lock-out)

3.  New gender-neutral restroom in half of current copy room

4.  Enlargement of existing women’s restroom into adjacent space to convert one toilet to handicapped accessible